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Autor Wątek: Faces of Power – Roman Gold Coins from the Victor A. Adda Collection  (Przeczytany 3464 razy)

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Haim Gitler / Gil Gambash (eds.)

Faces of Power – Roman Gold Coins from the Victor A. Adda Collection

Jerusalem 2017. Frontipiz, 312 Seiten, davon 60 Tafeln, 56 Vergrößerungstafeln, zahlr. Textabbildungen

Paperback. Verlagsneu (Neuerscheinung !)

This magnificent publication was written as a thoughtful tribute to Victor A. Adda, who was a champion among coin collectors. The architect of a vast collection of ancient coins originating from the Roman Empire, Phoenicia and even a few from Alexandria, Egypt; a fraction of his well-cultivated collection was recently donated to the Israel Museum by his daughter, Jackie Adda Coen. While this fascinating volume mainly focuses on the 75 Roman gold coins now on display at the Museum, with details on their history and artistic conceptions, it also features several contributions from seventeen experts in numismatics. Additionally, this marvelous publication also explores significant developments made during the Golden Age of the Roman Empire that can be indicated from the designs of the coins from this period. With deep analyses of the coins’ portraitures, this incredible literary masterpiece clarifies many great insights that can be ascertained from the designing, production, and manufacturing processes of these rare coins, giving the readers a unique perspective into the ancient Roman use of slogans and artistic portraits as a means of propaganda. Offering also a brief glimpse into the lives of the Roman emperors and their families, this amazing book was written to be a stunning companion piece to the impressive museum exhibition as well as being a highly detailed catalog of these exotic coins now on display to the public for the first time. Providing illumination on one of the 20th century’s greatest collections Roman gold coins, this captivating compendium is a must-have volume for any enthusiast of ancient Roman civilization.

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