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In the last few days, Sixbid support has received occasional reports from auction houses that fake invoices and so-called "second chance offers" have been sent to bidders who are NOT from the aforementioned auction houses.

Initial research has shown that these forged documents were sent via an e-mail address ending with "[…] @ numismatics.site". This domain has been registered by an unknown fraudster in the United Arab Emirates and is unrelated to Sixbid or the auction houses.

If you receive a Second Chance Offer or an invoice from the mentioned address, please ignore it!

Our recommendation: Please renew the password for your Sixbid account regularly.

Furthermore, we ask you to be careful and not to save passwords in your browser. This is the only way to ensure that your passwords can not be copied without authorization.

How to change the password for your access we have summarized below.

Kind regards
Your Sixbid Support
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